Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bathroom Remodeling Project #2

So we decided to demolish our only functional bathroom (the other's been under construction for almost 2 yrs with intermittent at best work accomplished) as we'd known about leaky tiles around the faucet since before we purchased the house in '09.  This has caused water damage to the ceiling below and since I had the week off, figured what the heck, lets start another major undertaking.  This first post is a time-lapse photo series of my week of "vacation".

When thinking about starting this a while back, I'd intended for it to be a DIY-how-to (and not to do) tutorial about everyday projects I may be working on at home.  But since it's past midnight and I need to crash, yet I"m too excited to get these pics posted, I"ll just keep it simple this time and update later with some finer DIY details.



Tile Demo
Original Plumbing
Copper Cut-Off, New Mounting Boards
Drilling to fit new pipes
New Fixture Rough Plumbing- No Leaks!

HardiBacker Board Installation to Studs
Surface Prep

Leveled 2x4 Base

Tape and Mud Joints

Shelf Installed

Thinset Mortar Application
Mosaic Border Install

Final Tile Install- Needs Grout

Final 1

Final 3

Finished Product- Needs Fixture Install